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Here's a two page comic for the 20th edition of Not My Small Diary, a comics anthology that explores a theme each year. The theme for 2019 was music. Not being deeply entrenched in the music world, I struggled to conjure up a solid memory. However as I combed the back alleys of my childhood mind, I remembered that KISS was a band that always seemed to haunt my nightmares. 

Here's a simple attempt at creating a basic newspaper comic strip. Although syndicated comic strips are more or less a thing of the past, the Adventures of Melvin and Kelvin was an experiment to see if I could figure out a regular format that might have lasting appeal. 

TRIGGER WARNING. If you are even marginally squeamish when it comes to tooth related injuries you might want to click away. ​In this harrowing autobiographical comic, I recount one of my more disturbing moments of clumsiness during an ill-fated theater production.

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